A workshop on Introduction to Computer, so called ComCamp offers a wide range of academic backgrounds in computer e.g., computer programming, robot programming and others. Students also participate in the recreation activities. For those who are interested in study at CPE, they will have an opportunity to learn more about Department.

ComCamp was first launched in 1989 and it has been organized by CPE freshmen during school break of the second semester lasting not more than a week or 6-7 days. The workshop details are not the same each year. Freshmen who take a role of camp organizers will figure out a creative camp theme and run all activities on their own. There is no charge for attending this Camp.

CPE Games

CPE Games is held every single year after the New Year. Students enjoy playing basketball, chair-ball and tug of war. CPE people are divided into 2 teams; blue and pink according to odd or even number of student ID code. A dinner party, prize drawing and playing music are also take place on this day.

CPE New Year’s party

CPE New Year’s party is hosted on the same day as CPE Games. CPE people have joined together in a banquet and enjoy the shows performed by faculty and students from every year.

Freshly Games & Engineer Games

Freshy Game is particularly a game for freshmen. It is held every first semester at gymnasium of Phra Jom Klao Rachanusorn Building. The freshmen are divided into 6 colored teams; Green, Pink, Grey, Purple, Brown and Blue. They enjoy playing sport games such as football, basketball, badminton and other local fun games. The competition of parades, cheering teams and cheer leaders are parts of the Freshy Game.

Freshy Night is an evening event after Freshy Games. The music performance and Freshy Girl & Boy Contest or “Star” & “Moon” Contest are arranged. The representatives of freshy students from every department will be selected to be the most popular female and male freshmen.

Engineer Games, so called E-games is held annually by Faculty of Engineering. Engineering students from 10 departments take part in playing sport games such as football, basketball, badminton and athletics. Additionally, the competition of parades, cheering teams and cheer leaders are also exhibited in the football playground.



CyberAnt is an official magazine of CPE students. Students have written its content including academic and entertainment columns. This activity aims at reinforcing students to express their thought, attitude and reveal their English writing skills. To create a magazine, they will get a chance to improve their analysis skills, writing and reading English texts. The editorial board focuses on making the magazine most interesting. Anyone who has new ideas can express his/her interest in writing a column in CyberAnt. Readers can find and follow up CyberAnt’s back issues at Comments and suggestions are greatly welcomed. Contact