Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) for Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) student

Master of Science (M.Sci.) for Bachelor of Science (B.Sci.) student


Science and technology play a vital role in the ongoing economic development of Thailand. In order to assist and ensure a smooth transition from an IT-based society to a knowledge-based one in Thailand, the Computer Engineering Department offers graduate-level curricula in Master of Engineering and Master of Science. The goal is to produce computer engineers who possess the strong analytical skills needed to solve and troubleshoot technical problems in the fields of computer engineering and digital technology. In addition, the program aims to produce engineers with good English proficiency, as language plays an increasingly vital role in today’s workplace. As a result, all courses in the curricula are taught in English. At the same time, the Department strives to maintain the quality of the curricula at an international standard. The Master’s program is structured in such a way that students with B.S degrees in Science can enroll in the programs without having to take any prerequisite courses. These students will subsequently be granted a Master of Science degree. On the other hand, admitted students with undergraduate degrees in Engineering will graduate with a Master of Engineering degree.

The faculty of the Department has the technical expertise and practical experience in the following 6 specialties:

  • Distributed Computing and System Design
  • Hardware and Control System Design
  • Media Processing and Animation 
  • Cognitive Informatics and Language Processing
  • Computer Networking and Security
  • Software Engineering and Management


  • Plan A2 ( Thesis 12 credits)
    • 12 compulsory courses
    • 15 elective courses
    • 12 thesis credits
  • Plan B ( Independent study 6 credits)
    • 12 compulsory courses
    • 21 elective courses
    • 6 special project credits
  • Plan B ( Independent study 3 credits)
    • 12 compulsory courses
    • 21 elective courses
    • 6 independent study credits


  • Tuition fee is about 18,000 Baht per semester
  • Credit fee is about 2,000 per credit
  • Total credits required is 39 credits